Top 10 most unusual marine life

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Yes, life in the ocean is mysterious and beautiful. The salty waters are found the creation of such a wonderful and equally sophisticated in nature, which sometimes is hard to believe in the fact that they appeared on Earth thanks to the mere evolution. For example, few people know that sharks have no bladder, and the narwhal horn, northern whale, is nothing like the tooth erupted.

So, let us admire the most bizarre and original inhabitants of the sea from the huge and daunting to tiny and harmless.

10. Pink squat lobster

This small establishment touches their appearance and has many names. Most of them sonorous: crab and lobster anumara fairy. In fact, fairy lobster - not the lobster, crab and well camouflaged. Pink and purple miracle might well have passed for sophisticated monster, if not body size (1.5 cm in length).


Pink squat lobster




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