10 fastest animal in the world

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Animal Kingdom is striking for its diversity and opportunities. Some representatives of the fauna - the best swimmers, others - the best jumpers, the third - the best masked, the fourth - fastest attack prey fifth - unrivaled runners sixth - the fastest kill prey. For example, snail - one of the slowest animal on earth, but kills its prey instantly. Or, for example, the peregrine falcon - the fastest bird in flight that can reach speeds of 320 km / h, and ostrich - the big bird on two legs is able to overcome the distance at a speed of 97.5 km / h - the fastest two-legged animal. There is no doubt that the speed in the animal world is an added advantage in the struggle for survival. That is the maximum, recorded ever speed of an animal is the main criterion of the ranking. This rating applies only to runners land mammals on our planet, so that no poultry or fish in the following analysis is not included.

10. Borzoi hound (lat. Cape hunting dog) - 63 km / h

The fastest breed of dog. The minimum distance and is capable of running at speeds up to 80 km / h. Most of the other species of the family are able to reach speeds of 30 to 50 km / h.


Borzoi hound




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