Top 10 most expensive cats

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We all know that the dog is an unconditional friend of man. She and loyal and faithful and obedient. However, stubborn, wayward cat is chosen as a pet no less. Why is this happening? How dare owners to exchange an opportunity to get a true friend to the possibility of a wayward pet pussycat and maybe hear murchanie in response? This question will remain rhetorical, because the weight of the cat traits that persistently beckon potential hosts.

It is surprising, for it is the murchanie and unpredictable nature of a lot of people are willing to pay quite a tidy sum. Do you think that cat can cost as much as a plane? According to our data, it is up to the aircraft, of course, it falls short, but to the full car - completely.

10. Asher and Allerka

But now I'm really going to surprise you! At the highest level of our parade of expensive cats are cats that never existed ...! And yes, I'm not kidding, enterprising citizens have played on people's passion for the unusual and the unique. First, they came up with unremarkable in appearance, but hypoallergenic (!) Cat Allerka. Dream Available did not come true, but a lot of lawsuits prompted the creators for another scam. Without thinking twice, they took Savannah and presented it as a rare breed - a cat Asher. This beauty was worth 25 thousand dollars. You think not pay? It is in vain think. Earned speculators on pussies significantly.


Asher and Allerka




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