Top 10 Biggest wins

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Who among us does not occasionally fantasized what it would be like if he had won a large sum of money? Unfortunately, in most cases, such dreams remain dreams. In most - but not all. We offer you a list of the ten lucky ones - the people on whose share fell biggest prizes in the world.

10. Johan Hoyndl $ 22.6 million

Another enchanting win in the same Las Vegas took place in 2002. American Johan Hoyndl, is celebrating its 74th anniversary, lowered counter to the gaming machine, located in the hotel lobby, "Bailey," and the first time she won a huge sum. As it turned out, this machine was part of the "Megabucks" which deducted the interest from all parties, and the money in it were saved with the game of the very Cynthia.


Johan Hoyndl $ 22.6 million




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