Top 10 legendary racer of Formula 1

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World Championship ring racing "Formula 1" has a lot of fans around the world. Speed, drive and danger, adrenaline - to participate in it, you have to be a truly extraordinary man. Especially for you we have compiled a list of the ten most famous riders in the history of the competition.

10. Kimi Matias Raikkonen, Finland

A one-time world champion, two-time runner-up, the two-time bronze medalist. It ranked among the most promising riders in the world. Nicknamed "Iceman" for calm driving style and thorough proschityvanie race strategy. He started in the "Ferrari", in 2011 he organized his own team in motocross, but in 2013 returned.
That's for sure, "hotheads" ...


Kimi Matias Raikkonen, Finland




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