The most famous magicians

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Focuses long ceased to be a miracle for the people, but still sometimes so want to be deceived and do not understand how it happened. Illusions and a true miracle were always there with these magicians.

10. Alessandro Cagliostro

A boy from a simple family began with fraud and selling fake treasure map and potions. From this began a career of the young Count. His name and title he owes to his aunt Vincenza Cagliostro, after whose death he took her name and added the title of count. Calistru claimed that he knows the secret of the philosopher's stone, quietly increased the size of diamonds, or get cracked with precious stones. Graf led magic sessions, and was in charge of the world about the elixir of immortality.
His life was full of adventure became the basis for many novels and films.


Alessandro Cagliostro




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