10 people who do not immediately become successful

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Often people stepping thirty years abroad, reflects on what he has achieved in life. And if it turns out that his position does not match its expectations and aspirations of the moment, he gave a deep depression, and ceases to believe in your own success. However, remember that success does not come instantly. Here is an example of very successful people who did not lose faith in yourself or in 30 or even 50. Meet:

10. Sheldon Adelson - the founder of Las Vegas Sands

Curiously, the owner of the largest casinos in Las Vegas dropped out of school at age 12 to go into business. His interests were diverse - selling soap, shampoo, newspapers, car sprays, wipes. He was even broker in the mortgage market. At the time of establishment of the corporation, he was already 55 years old.


Sheldon Adelson




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