10 most famous English knights

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Fearless warriors of Light endowed with generosity and charity, as well as courage, honor and courage. Their names are forever linked with England - the ancestor of chivalry. And although Spain was also a knight called Don Quixote of La Mancha, but today the topic of this article - England and its heroes.

Knights committing noble deeds for the sake of the beautiful ladies struggling with untruth and injustice - it is described in the novel, told in legends and traditions. What were and are the true knights of the past and present, we now have to sort out.

10. Tim Lee Burns

His contribution to the world community is impressive, so Queen Elizabeth has built its citizen of the United Kingdom to the Knights. It was thanks to him that you are reading these lines, as Tim Burns Lee is the creator not only hypertext markup language HTML, but the whole Internet in general !!!


Tim Lee Burns




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