Top 10 most dangerous dogs

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Recently, we talked about the seals, these wonderful, but wayward pet creatures. Cats are great, and never cease to attract, but they lose the dogs. Most large dogs have always been and will be friends of humanity. But whether all dogs deserve this right? Having decided to walk on the private sector and at the same time leaping from every fence, behind which a large bass swearing at passers-by "man's best friend", especially delicate sensory experience is not necessary. And sometimes a dog attack, and it was then certainly no joy!

So how do you know what to expect from the adorable puppy with beady eyes? From puppy something to fight except wallpaper and a couple of puddles, but when he grows up ...

10. Dachshund

Oh, I like today to plunge the reader into shock! Tenth in our list, as incredible as it sounds, is a fee. It is known that the fee - a great hunter. Despite the very short legs, speed rate develops quite decent. But more valuable is its briskness. The danger lies in the fact that the fee is incredibly fearless for their size. And if she believes that you have encroached on its territory, or (God forbid!) To host - Dachshund immediately will rush to the attack. However, in the same category can be attributed to many other small-caliber pets. And miniature pinscher and Chihuahua, and harmless at first glance, Pekingese - more than aggressive. We just do not notice it, because their size does not allow to cause irreparable harm. But the small size does not prevent these dogs to be fearless and throw at anything that moves.
Statistics show that one in five dachshund had attacked not only to other dogs, but also on people, and one of 12 dachshunds attacks even host.
I do not know about you, dear readers, and I have these little doggie scare a lot more than big dogs, apparently not in vain!






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