Top 10 foods to our table, which can kill a dog

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Human food can be dangerous for the dog, even if it is edible for us. Some products from the list may cause diseases of the dog and even death. And if you love your dog and want it to remain your faithful friend for a long time, do not let these products nizhu. And explain to your children that it is not necessary to give the dog. So, do not feed the dog follows:

10. Alcohol, even beer

Alcohol, even if the beer, can be fatal for the dog. Some people think it's funny to watch the animals in a state of intoxication, but it's very cruel. After drinking alcohol in a dog may come vomiting, respiratory failure, lack of coordination, atypical blood acidity, loss of consciousness and death.
This is due to the fact that people can pour dog human dose, which can literally kill a dog for a few hours.


Alcohol, even beer




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