9 cat professions

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Deeply mistaken who thinks cats exclusively decorative animal Godea only for display at exhibitions or at all convinced that their duty - to catch mice. Baleen-striped live with us for thousands of years, but only in the last century, the so-called age of global urbanization, people are finding the cats new "profession", and the animals themselves are not behind us in the ingenuity of the original for yourself hobbies.

9. Foster Mom

Stories about how the cats are taken to educate abandoned or orphaned cubs of different animals cause tenderness and wonder at the same time. Most often priёmyshami are puppies and chickens are also known cases of adoption, rabbits and squirrel, and the zoo in Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region living there adopted stray cat cub, which was inexplicably refused a mother. The most incomprehensible in these stories, even scientists - it's like the animal manages to communicate with each other, because the mother cat calls priёmyshey in their own language, and they respond to it in his.


Foster Mom




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